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Experience Writing is a conference and community designed to help you discover or recover your God-given story and get it into reader’s hands. We’re dedicated to connecting you to the people, opportunities, tools, and insights you need to capture and craft the story only you can tell.

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Janice Buswell



Janice Buswell is a multi-talented communicator, speaker, Paradoxon series novelist, and author of the Radical Simplicity and A Good Word  blogs. Her passion for stories began when she discovered they are one of the powerful keys God uses to unlock the truth in the hearts of His people. In her book series, the beauty and depth of classic literature collides with the power of modern themes in an altogether paradoxical journey.

Jared Buswell



Jared is a life coach and curriculum developer with a passion to help others see their divine design and fulfill their unique calling in Christ. At Releasing Purpose, he runs transformational boot camps that instill clarity for long-term indomitability. Jared’s writing includes blogs, case statements, and hundreds of pages of innovative leadership training curricula. He owns a photography technology business and served as the board chair of an African discipleship movement transforming war-affected communities.

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