Janice Buswell

Janice Buswell is a multi-talented communicator, speaker, Paradoxon series novelist, and author of the Radical Simplicity blog and A Good Word  blog and weekly newsletter. Her passion for stories began when she discovered they are one of the powerful keys God uses to unlock the truth in the hearts of His people. In her book series, the beauty and depth of classic literature collides with the power of modern themes in an altogether paradoxical journey.

When Janice is not writing, she loves to spend her time with emerging authors in one-on-one coaching, phone calls, coffee dates, speaking engagements, and through her role as co-founder of Experience Writing and the director of their yearly conference. There are few things that make her happier than seeing writers unleashed to tell the stories that only they can!


Janice's Sessions

Monday, June 10

“How to Think Like a Writer” (9:00am)


Tuesday, June 11

“Handle with Care: How to Grow from Constructive Criticism” (10:45am)


Ready to Overcome?

Count me in! I am ready to take the next step in my writing journey!

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