Lindi Collins

Lindi built what became a multiple six-figure wedding floral design company, known as The Bridal Garden, from scratch. Over time, her (initially) small dreams grew and evolved into a burgeoning business meeting the needs of more than a thousand brides–and counting. Leaving blooms in her wake, Lindi has a passion for creating, whether painting the world with flowers–which you can learn more about at–or while cooking, designing, or writing for her blog at

Along the way, Lindi self published a bookazine, My Mayberry Lane. She has also written for Splendeur Magazine. Lindi passion in life is cultivating her creativity and helping others to do the same. She desires to speak into the lives of those she encounters and help them realize their calling and full creative potential. Lindi loves spending time with her family when she isn’t chasing her next creative endeavor.

Lindi's Session

Tuesday, June 11

True Grit: How to Keep Forging Ahead When It Seems Impossible (4:00pm)


Ready to Overcome?

Count me in! I am ready to take the next step in my writing journey!

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