Experience Writing 2022

"The Experience Writing...conference was well planned. I enjoyed the...speakers I got to listen to and learned much information that I have already applied to my work."

What Was Experience Writing Like?

When the idea of hosting a writer’s conference was conceived the “father” (Mark Brady) was overwhelmed with emotions and questions that can accompany any first-time father. What will this baby look like? After months of prayer, meetings, and careful preparation the event was held. Below are what the attendees had to say about the Experience Writing Conference 2022.

“On a scale of 1 – 10, I would give it an 11! I enjoyed all of the presenters and their talks. What they shared will help shape me as a writer. I would like to hear next year how to create the book cover for my novel. Can we get more time to ride the Go-Karts next time? I’m going to tell everybody they should be at the next one.” - Age 11

“I give this writer’s conference a perfect 10 across the board! I’m definitely coming back next year!” - Age 16

“This conference helped me in many ways. The information shared was good. I would have preferred more snacks to my liking and not just have healthy ones to choose from. I would have liked more time on the Go-Karts, but the other activities were fun too. I would suggest ping-pong and a laser-tag shoot out at the “OK Corral”. I’m planning on attending next year and bringing lots of friends.” - Age 13

Those that attended this event were pleased with the outcome, so I would have to say, this baby turned out okay. See you next year with exciting new features, talks, activities, and experiences!

"...just what I needed to jump start my thinking about what I need to do to release the novel in me."​

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