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Aletheia Press Books

Dawn Kopa

Meet Dawn Kopa, founder of Aletheia Press Books! Aletheia specializes in serving authors in the editing and production of excellent quality content, including self-published Christian non-fiction books, Bible studies, curriculum, cookbooks, and children’s books. They bridge the gap from first draft to the printed book in your readers’ hands and take care of everything in between, so you don’t have to!

And, if you have important ideas to share, but no time or talent for writing, they can help take your ideas and bring them to life via their ghostwriting services! (Check it out under “Services Offered”).

Learn more at!

Axiom Art

Josiah Kelley

If you are looking for a stand out cover design for your next WIP, take a look at Josiah Kelly at Axiom Art.

As the lead artist at Axiom Art, Josiah harnesses the power of art, so that no matter what road of life a person is on, he can speak their language. Josiah’s designs are fresh and eye-catching and will leave your audience with a distinctive and memorable impression of you and your unique story.

When it comes to his art, Josiah’s goal is to communicate the universal message of vision(hope), action(faith), all based on and going toward unconditional love for Truth and for our fellowman. Plus, Josiah’s top-notch polished approach makes the process just as enjoyable as the outcome. Josiah has had over six years of experience in logo design, custom illustration, children’s book and comic illustration.

You can connect with Josiah and check out his work at Axiom Art at!

Daniel Casella

Looking for help to get your author site up and running? This week, we recommend Daniel Casella, an up-and-coming web designer with lots to offer!

Well-versed in WordPress and the mainstream website builders, Daniel loves to empower authors by getting them set up with sites they can manage on their own! Whether you want to blog, sell books, capture newsletter leads, or all of the above, Daniel can help get you what you need! And if you have something specific in mind, he also specializes in adding raw code to customize any website your liking

Prompt and easy to communicate with, Daniel enjoys a challenge and would love to help you create a site that best meets your needs!

You can connect with Daniel at!

Darkhorse Photography

Mark Moore

Looking for a quality head shot for your book cover and promotional materials? This week, we would like to recommend Mark Moore the owner of Darkhorse Photography.

“Darkhorse Photography is a veteran owned company that takes pride in offering top quality professional photographic services. Whether it’s table-top products, location illustration portraits, branding, events or head shots, Darkhorse will deliver the imagery you expect and deserve. Darkhorse can provide exceptional images that meet your publication, social media, advertising, marketing, and personal needs.”

If you feel a little camera shy, don’t worry. Mark has years of experience in bringing the best out of his clients, so that you get a photo you love.

You can contact Mark at!

Great Writing Services

Jim Holmes, Publisher

Meet Jim Holmes, founder of Great Writing Publications. Jim has developed the Perpetually in Print (PiP) model to help you get your book to print! PiP is a unique way that explores, considers and harnesses efficiencies, minimizing all costs, maximizing quality elements, and ensuring a realistic set of production costs to get your book into print. And here’s the best part of all: You avoid the heavy costs of conventional printing and yet your book never has to go out of print!

“A Writer Would Be Hard-Pressed to Find a Better Ally” – Don Green, Author of “John MacArthur: An Insider’s Tribute”

To learn more visit

High Frequency Media

Noah Kelly

Looking for a photographer to capture who you really are in your author head shot and photos?

Noah Kelly, the creative mind behind High Frequency Media! Noah’s relational style and eye for details will set you at ease and help you get the best out of your photo session.

Here’s how he describes his work: “I enjoy taking candid pictures and also placing you in positions that you can look back on and fall in love with over and over again. I love getting to connect with real people over real conversation… I hope you enjoy my storytelling! Let’s get to know each other and turn your precious moments into lasting memories!”

You can connect with Noah at!


Tanner Norwood

Growing up, Tanner noticed the impact that a well-designed company or product had in his everyday life. From your morning cup of coffee to Hollywood films, everything is purposefully and intricately designed. This discovery was the driving force behind Tanner’s career path in design.

Tanner’s work is fresh and versatile. Whether you’re looking for a polished author logo or business card, promotional materials, or an eye-catching book cover design, Tanner’s creative approach will help capture and communicate your heart and your message.

You connect with Tanner at!

Jackie Johnson

Self Publishing Coach

Have a manuscript ready to publish but don’t know where to start? Meet self-publishing coach, Jackie Johnson!

Jackie has a heart to help new writers get their books self-published and not to break the bank while doing it! Jackie’s warm and personable style and ability to communicate complex concepts simply will set you at ease and de-mystify the self-publishing process.

Self-publishing is not as difficult as you might think! Jackie has published over 20 books, booklets and workbooks, and with her guidance, you can get yours published too! Why pay thousands of dollars for someone else to do it for you, when Jackie can help you learn to do it yourself?

Ready to jump in? Reach out to Jackie at!

Kindra Wade


Kindra is an artist who likes exploring ideas and doing the work of taking a vision and giving it life through her aesthetic. She is a graphite, ink, and paint artist who specializes in drawing and painting. Her first love is drawing people and creating illustrations for children’s books, and she loves illustrations made of ink found in old classic novels. She is warm to work with and loves feedback to make sure a project is on point or see if it needs to be modified further to grow wings.

She has a husband and two children and runs a homeschool and homesteading, urban farm Northeast of Tulsa. She creates art to display in her home that is inspired by her daily life: hanging laundry on the line in the summer, children doing studies under the large Ash, and women kneading and braiding dough for Friday night. She does illustration and different kinds of artwork for people local and otherwise and businesses in the Tulsa area and elsewhere, including a semi abstract 9×4 foot triptych oceanscape with sailboat, personal pieces for clients, advert/promo boards, logo design, and art for clothing.”

You can connect with Kindra at!

Krista Johnston

Looking for a writing coach to help take you from good to great? Or to get you past your “stuck” point? Meet Krista Johnston a local writing coach!

From the novice to the experienced writer stuck for their next idea, Krista can help keep you on track to stay on your goals as well as help to refine your ideas, guide you through the writing process, help build the structure of your book or writing project, build character profiles, outline a project, and many more. Krista tailors her services for each client for their individual needs and project.

And if you’re looking for someone to help you simply get your ideas organized and on paper, Krista is also a fantastic ghostwriter with years of experience!

Interested in learning more? Connect with Krista at!

Mark Brady


Looking for a fresh set of eyes for your manuscript before sending it off to the printer or publisher? Today, we’d like to recommend Mark Brady! Mark is an editor with decades of writing experience and wisdom to make your final draft from good to great! From developmental editing to copy editing Mark has got you covered and welcomes works of both fiction and nonfiction.

Conscientious and thorough, you can trust Mark to give you advice that’s not just good for the publishers but is also geared to bring out the very best in your unique story!

Want to see if Mark can help you? Connect with Mark at!

Meira Design

Charlotte Glaze

Charlotte Glaze is an experienced web designer with an impressive portfolio, Charlotte brings the best of creativity and communication in her warm and friendly style to help you get just what you need from your website.

Charlotte is also a writer, illustrator, and graphic designer. Her goal is to help her clients have a high-quality web presence and effective marketing materials.

To connect with Charlotte visit!

Perfect Pages Editor

Sarah Smith

Sarah was raised in a literary family by two English teachers and discovered, at a young age, the joy of expressing herself through words. As she grew, so did her love of words and her experience in using them as she won multiple writing contests and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism. When a friend asked Sarah to proofread her book, Sarah’s excellent work prompted her friend to recommend that Sarah consider a career as a freelance editor. That’s when Perfect Pages Editor was born.

Ever since, Sarah has delighted in making others shine through her freelance copy editing and proofreading services! But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a review from one of her customers. “Sarah’s insightful guidance and meticulous attention to detail transformed my manuscript into a masterpiece…” – Urcelia Teixeira

You can learn more and connect with Sarah at!”

Read Sarah’s Full Bio Here
“I was raised in a very literary family, with high school English teachers as parents. Reading and writing were an integral part of my life. I have always been a voracious reader and early on discovered the joy of expressing myself through words, winning young authors contests and being published in the local newspaper. While in college, I tutored other students who needed help with grammar. I graduated from Ohio University with a degree in magazine journalism and worked as a writer for a weekly business publication, transitioning to a freelance writer with the birth of our first child. As our children grew, I chronicled our activities and family vacations, wrote newsletters for various organizations, and edited school papers and essays for scholarship applications. In 2020, I joined a national publishing company as a writer and editor assistant, contributing to eight monthly magazines.

In January, New York Times best selling author and childhood friend, Courtney Walsh, posted on her social media asking for volunteers to proofread a novel she wanted to independently publish. Not only did I feel I was qualified with my background, but this sounded fun. I filled out the questionnaire and was selected to proofread “My Phony Valentine”. After submitting my edits, Courtney emailed me and said I caught several errors that her paid proofreader did not. She also said that my comments were very helpful, and asked if I had considered becoming a freelance copy editor/proofreader because I was so good at it. Her enthusiastic comments and encouragement, along with the joy I felt while editing, stirred me to action. I formed an LLC and started researching the Christian fiction industry.”

Ever since, Sarah has delighted in making others shine through her freelance copy editing and proofreading services! But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a review from two of her customers:

“Sarah’s insightful guidance and meticulous attention to detail transformed my manuscript into a masterpiece. Her dedication and expertise exceeded my expectations, making her an indispensable partner in my creative journey. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to any author, aspiring or otherwise.” – Urcelia Teixeira

“Sarah and I went to the same high school (her dad was my English teacher!). She beta read for me a few books ago and I was like “wow you’re amazing at this …” and now she’s freelance copy editing and proofreading. Highly recommend!!” – Courtney Walsh


Prestige Prose

Staci Mauney, Editor

Meet Staci Mauney, the creative mind behind Prestige Prose!

“Prestige Prose is a professional online editing and writing company that offers a variety of services to authors, businesses, nonprofits, and ministries. From simple proofreading to comprehensive line editing, our professional staff provides the highest quality services to ensure the voice of the author is preserved.

Our team can help you with any editing project, including a big-picture developmental edit of your novel, a line edit or copy edit of a fiction or nonfiction manuscript, or a proofread right before you publish.”

You can contact Staci at!

Quill Hawk Publishing

Amy M Le

Meet Amy M Le, the director of Quill Hawk Publishing (QHP)! QHP is an Asian American Woman-Owned hybrid publishing company based in Edmond, OK, helping emerging writers indie-publish their work through a consultative approach. Authors retain all rights and royalties for their work.

QHP’s mission is to amplify diverse voices through storytelling. We accept a limited number of submissions each year and are excited about chapter works of fiction and non-fiction as well as children’s books.

Whether writers are emerging or seasoned, QHP partners with the writer from idea to liftoff, whether it be book coaching, content development, ghostwriting, or promoting and marketing. We offer a variety of services including fun virtual book launch parties, screenwriting, audiobook narration, and more. Best of all, we are affordable and consistently receive five-star ratings for our concierge, personal service. Authors are not just publishing their work; they’re joining a supportive family for life.

You can connect with Amy at!

Rebecca Gunn Photography

Need to update your author headshot or get some personal branding photos for your website? This week, we recommend Rebecca Gunn of Rebecca Gunn Photography!

Rebecca started taking pictures at age 10. Over the years, she intentionally pursued her passion, winning several awards for her images as she’s become an established local photographer. Today, her work has been featured in multiple magazines, and last year she was an official photographer of the PGA tour at Southern Hills!

Rebecca loves that her work allows her to capture beautiful moments that will cause people to forever smile. Whether it’s a photo shoot for social media/branding, laughing with a family, or basking in the love of a newlywed couple or new baby, Rebecca’s goal is to take photos that are authentic and full of joy. Her background in communication and marketing helps her bring a little “something extra” to every shoot as she looks for what will allow YOUR personality to shine through.

Interested in booking a session with Rebecca? You can see more of her work and connect with her at!

Release the Novel!

Gina Conroy, Writing Coach

Meet Gina Conroy! Author, writing coach, and teacher, Gina Conroy remembers her 4th grade teacher instilling a love of creative writing in her with fun writing assignments. Not all teachers took the time to do that. And that’s what she offers with her original writing curriculum, one on one and group coaching. for her students of all ages!

As your instructor, she will create an environment where each student’s unique voice can be released to tell his or her story. No matter where your writing and learning ability falls, she will encourage, challenge, and take you to the next level. Her guidance will inspire your voice to be released, and her instruction will shape you into writing that is creative, cohesive, and impactful which will benefit every subject.

Visit Gina at!

More About Gina
In addition to teaching and coaching, Gina has several fiction and nonfiction books published, not to mention hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, and blog posts. Gina has hosted writers conferences, presided over the local chapter of ACFW, and has even hosted a weekly podcast called Teen Writers Publish for teens of all ages based on the bestselling Amazon book Release the Novel in You.  In addition, she’s designed other writing courses for kids and adults based on the techniques she learned over the last 20 years. Aside from being a private writing tutor and online teacher, she’s taught in private schools, homeschool co-ops as well as taught writing programs to the public. Although she’s lost count of her publishing credits over the decades, she hasn’t lost sight of why she continues to teach and coach writers: to inspire others to find their voice, be self-expressed and release the stories inside of them.

Sweetwater Hollow Studio Art & Books

Cheryl Ellicott

Cheryl Ellicott is the creative force behind Sweetwater Hollow Studio Art & Books. An accomplished illustrator and designer, Cheryl’s art pulses with life in exquisite detail and vibrant color. Her captivating imagery  draws readers into the very heart of your story.

Still in the throes of writing? Cheryl is also an editor, ghostwriter, and typesetter with decades of experience. She says it best: “If you have a God-story you feel compelled to share, but you lack the skills to do it justice, let’s talk. I love to use my gifts to help others share hope.”

Find more of Cheryl’s work at!

Tara Lynn Thompson

Tara Lynn Thompson, Ghost Writer

Have a story on your heart that you need help getting onto paper? Tara Lynn Thompson is your gal. Not only is she an award-winning writer, she’s had nearly three decades of experience bringing the stories of unique people and places to life through her captivating journalistic and ghost writing work. Whatever your life has been like, whatever your message might be, Tara brings her delightful personality and a wealth of talent and wisdom to help you organize and give beautiful expression to the story you’ve always hoped to share.

You can find her at!

Write It Right

Cheryl Johnson

Meet Cheryl Johnson, the genius behind “Write it Right.”

Cheryl’s mission is to make YOU look good. Cheryl has been editing and proofreading everything she’s seen since she was a kid. Cereal boxes, newspapers, novels…if there’s an error, she will find it and fix it. Whether you are writing a book, a paper for school, or publicity releases, or if you need an extra set of eyes or hands, Cheryl’s got what you need!

Have questions about social media? Cheryl also offers services as a social media manager. And if you’re just generally having trouble getting thoughts organized, Cheryl is also a top-notch ghost-writer.

You can get in touch with Cheryl at!

If you still need more help, check out her Virtual Assistant services at Cornerstone Collaborative Solutions!

Write Your Heart Out!

Laurel Thomas, Writing Coach

“A former high school English teacher, Laurel loves words and their power to convey remarkable stories.

“She’s written for inspirational magazines including Guideposts and Mysterious Ways, as well as ghosted nonfiction. Her novel ”River’s Call” was published by Wild Rose Press and boasts five-star reviews on Amazon!” – Write Your Heart Out!

Laurel hosts a free weekly writers round table and has critique group and one-on-one options if you want to go deeper!

You can meet her at!

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