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Aletheia Press Books

Dawn Kopa

Meet Dawn Kopa, founder of Aletheia Press Books! Aletheia specializes in serving authors in the editing and production of excellent quality content, including self-published Christian non-fiction books, Bible studies, curriculum, cookbooks, and children’s books. They bridge the gap from first draft to the printed book in your readers’ hands and take care of everything in between, so you don’t have to!

And, if you have important ideas to share, but no time or talent for writing, they can help take your ideas and bring them to life via their ghostwriting services! (Check it out under “Services Offered”).

Learn more at!

Arts by Axiom

Josiah Kelley

If you are looking for a stand out cover design for your next WIP, take a look at Josiah Kelly at Axiom Art.

As the lead artist at Axiom Art, Josiah harnesses the power of art, so that no matter what road of life a person is on, he can speak their language. Josiah’s designs are fresh and eye-catching and will leave your audience with a distinctive and memorable impression of you and your unique story.

When it comes to his art, Josiah’s goal is to communicate the universal message of vision(hope), action(faith), all based on and going toward unconditional love for Truth and for our fellowman. Plus, Josiah’s top-notch polished approach makes the process just as enjoyable as the outcome.

You can connect with Josiah and check out his work at Axiom Art at!

Great Writing Publications

Jim Holmes, Publisher

Meet Jim Holmes, founder of Great Writing Publications. Jim has developed the Perpetually in Print (PiP) model to help you get your book to print! PiP is a unique way that explores, considers and harnesses efficiencies, minimizing all costs, maximizing quality elements, and ensuring a realistic set of production costs to get your book into print. And here’s the best part of all: You avoid the heavy costs of conventional printing and yet your book never has to go out of print!

“A Writer Would Be Hard-Pressed to Find a Better Ally” – Don Green, Author of “John MacArthur: An Insider’s Tribute”

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Tanner Norwood

Growing up, Tanner noticed the impact that a well-designed company or product had in his everyday life. From your morning cup of coffee to Hollywood films, everything is purposefully and intricately designed. This discovery was the driving force behind Tanner’s career path in design.

Tanner’s work is fresh and versatile. Whether you’re looking for a polished author logo or business card, promotional materials, or an eye-catching book cover design, Tanner’s creative approach will help capture and communicate your heart and your message.

You connect with Tanner at!

Meira Design

Charlotte Glaze

Charlotte Glaze is an experienced web designer with an impressive portfolio, Charlotte brings the best of creativity and communication in her warm and friendly style to help you get just what you need from your website.

Charlotte is also a writer, illustrator, and graphic designer. Her goal is to help her clients have a high-quality web presence and effective marketing materials.

To connect with Charlotte visit!

Prestige Prose

Staci Mauney, Editor

Meet Staci Mauney, the creative mind behind Prestige Prose!

“Prestige Prose is a professional online editing and writing company that offers a variety of services to authors, businesses, nonprofits, and ministries. From simple proofreading to comprehensive line editing, our professional staff provides the highest quality services to ensure the voice of the author is preserved.

Our team can help you with any editing project, including a big-picture developmental edit of your novel, a line edit or copy edit of a fiction or nonfiction manuscript, or a proofread right before you publish.”

You can contact Staci at!

Quill Hawk Publishing

Amy M Le

Meet Amy M Le, the director of Quill Hawk Publishing (QHP)! QHP is an Asian American Woman-Owned hybrid publishing company based in Edmond, OK, helping emerging writers indie-publish their work through a consultative approach. Authors retain all rights and royalties for their work.

QHP’s mission is to amplify diverse voices through storytelling. We accept a limited number of submissions each year and are excited about chapter works of fiction and non-fiction as well as children’s books.

Whether writers are emerging or seasoned, QHP partners with the writer from idea to liftoff, whether it be book coaching, content development, ghostwriting, or promoting and marketing. We offer a variety of services including fun virtual book launch parties, screenwriting, audiobook narration, and more. Best of all, we are affordable and consistently receive five-star ratings for our concierge, personal service. Authors are not just publishing their work; they’re joining a supportive family for life.

You can connect with Amy at!

Release the Novel!

Gina Conroy, Writing Coach

Meet Gina Conroy! Author, writing coach, and teacher, Gina Conroy remembers her 4th grade teacher instilling a love of creative writing in her with fun writing assignments. Not all teachers took the time to do that. And that’s what she offers with her original writing curriculum, one on one and group coaching. for her students of all ages!

As your instructor, she will create an environment where each student’s unique voice can be released to tell his or her story. No matter where your writing and learning ability falls, she will encourage, challenge, and take you to the next level. Her guidance will inspire your voice to be released, and her instruction will shape you into writing that is creative, cohesive, and impactful which will benefit every subject.

Visit Gina at!

More About Gina
In addition to teaching and coaching, Gina has several fiction and nonfiction books published, not to mention hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, and blog posts. Gina has hosted writers conferences, presided over the local chapter of ACFW, and has even hosted a weekly podcast called Teen Writers Publish for teens of all ages based on the bestselling Amazon book Release the Novel in You.  In addition, she’s designed other writing courses for kids and adults based on the techniques she learned over the last 20 years. Aside from being a private writing tutor and online teacher, she’s taught in private schools, homeschool co-ops as well as taught writing programs to the public. Although she’s lost count of her publishing credits over the decades, she hasn’t lost sight of why she continues to teach and coach writers: to inspire others to find their voice, be self-expressed and release the stories inside of them.

Sweetwater Hollow Studio Art & Books

Cheryl Ellicott

Cheryl Ellicott is the creative force behind Sweetwater Hollow Studio Art & Books. An accomplished illustrator and designer, Cheryl’s art pulses with life in exquisite detail and vibrant color. Her captivating imagery  draws readers into the very heart of your story.

Still in the throes of writing? Cheryl is also an editor, ghostwriter, and typesetter with decades of experience. She says it best: “If you have a God-story you feel compelled to share, but you lack the skills to do it justice, let’s talk. I love to use my gifts to help others share hope.”

Find more of Cheryl’s work at!

Tara Lynn Thompson

Tara Lynn Thompson, Ghost Writer

Have a story on your heart that you need help getting onto paper? Tara Lynn Thompson is your gal. Not only is she an award-winning writer, she’s had nearly three decades of experience bringing the stories of unique people and places to life through her captivating journalistic and ghost writing work. Whatever your life has been like, whatever your message might be, Tara brings her delightful personality and a wealth of talent and wisdom to help you organize and give beautiful expression to the story you’ve always hoped to share.

You can find her at!

Write It Right

Cheryl Johnson

Meet Cheryl Johnson, the genius behind “Write it Right.”

Cheryl’s mission is to make YOU look good. Cheryl has been editing and proofreading everything she’s seen since she was a kid. Cereal boxes, newspapers, novels…if there’s an error, she will find it and fix it. Whether you are writing a book, a paper for school, or publicity releases, or if you need an extra set of eyes or hands, Cheryl’s got what you need!

Have questions about social media? Cheryl also offers services as a social media manager. And if you’re just generally having trouble getting thoughts organized, Cheryl is also a top-notch ghost-writer.

You can get in touch with Cheryl at!

If you still need more help, check out her Virtual Assistant services at Cornerstone Collaborative Solutions!

Write Your Heart Out!

Laurel Thomas, Writing Coach

“A former high school English teacher, Laurel loves words and their power to convey remarkable stories.

“She’s written for inspirational magazines including Guideposts and Mysterious Ways, as well as ghosted nonfiction. Her novel ”River’s Call” was published by Wild Rose Press and boasts five-star reviews on Amazon!” – Write Your Heart Out!

Laurel hosts a free weekly writers round table and has critique group and one-on-one options if you want to go deeper!

You can meet her at!

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