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Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Details

Popular Questions

Who can come?

Writer’s of all ages are welcome to participate one or all of the four-day writing experience! We do ask that minors be accompanied by a chaperone. Please contact us for pricing details at admin@expwriting.com

What does conference registration include?

The full conference is Thursday through Sunday.  This writing experience includes all the inspiring sessions, break refreshments, overnight accommodations in a western style bunk house (males and females separate), and all meals for Thursday through Sunday.


At this time, there are only two private, western style, hotel rooms available for the full conference only.  This option also includes all the inspiring sessions, break refreshments, and all meals for Thursday through Sunday.


You may also register for a partial conference writing experience. This option will still include western style bunk housing (only), inspiring sessions, break refreshments, and all meals for the days of your stay.


Pre-conference registration is required to secure a private room or a spot in one of the bunkhouses.


Three nights stay = $499.00
Three nights stay (private room) = $575.00
Two nights stay =      $366.00
One night stay =      $233.00

Can I stay offsite?

Staying in a hotel in Pryor, OK (nearby, and a list of available hotels is provided elsewhere) is another option.  Each day you attend, you can still experience all the inspiring sessions, break refreshments, and all meals.


If you choose to drive in from the local area each day, the same daily fees below apply.


Four days = $400.00
Three days = $300.00
Two days = $200.00
One day = $100.00

Can I just show up?

Last minute decision? You are welcome to walk in! However, we can’t guarantee room availability. To lock in your room, please preregister!


Walk-in Fee after March 1st:

Add $40 for the full conference; $10/day for the daily option.

Where is the conference?

The Experience Writing Conference is held at Frontier Cove, located between Adair and Pryor, OK. On Lake Hudson.  You ONLY want to use this address for your GPS system or phone GPS:


6253 E. 440 Road
Adair, OK. 74330

What is the check-in process?

Your writing experience will begin at the bar located inside the Saloon.

There you will receive your Welcome Packet and get your room assignment.  The sessions will be in various old town buildings.  Check your schedule for exact locations.  Meals will be served in the Lakeside Grill.  Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on site.


If you are staying offsite, in a nearby hotel, (link of hotels listed below) then please check in before lunch and the start of the conference.  Most hotels will not allow early check in, and you most likely will need to check in during the free time, or after the events of the day.  You can still eat lunch and dinner at the conference.


If you are driving to the conference each day, be sure to check in each day. Keep in mind you can eat lunch and dinner at the conference.


Click here for the Frontier Cove map.

Where is the nearest airport?

Allow about 1 ½ hours travel time from Tulsa International Airport (TUL).  There is no mass transit to Frontier Cove, so you will want to make arrangements to rent a car.

Do you have any hotel recommendations?

If you prefer to stay in a motel room, here are several options in Pryor, OK just twenty minutes south.


Hampton Inn & Suites
431 Mid America Drive, Pryor, OK. 74361


Hotel Pryor
5401 South Mills Street, Pryor, OK. 74361


Econo Lodge
6800 South Mill Street, Pryor, OK. 74361


Holiday Inn
271 Mid America Drive, Lusta, OK. 74361


Quality Inn & Suites
307 Mid America Drive, Pryor, OK. 74361


Days Inn
495 Mid America Drive, Pryor, OK, 74361

How do I request a manuscript evaluation?

Would you like to know how you are doing with your writing project? Submit a manuscript to be evaluated. Your submitted manuscript will go to an experienced writer that will be at the conference. They will read the pages you submit, and then return to you a detailed evaluation before the conference starts. If you have a question about your evaluation, there may be an opportunity to discuss it with the evaluator while you are at the conference. This is a great way to refine the gold within you.


Interested? Download our manuscript evaluation form, fill it out, and email it – along with the required number of pages – to mark@expwriting.com!


Manuscript evaluation: $25 paid at the time of registration if you are submitting one.  Your evaluation will be emailed to you when it is completed before the conference starts. All manuscripts must be submitted by February 1st.

How do I sign up for one-on-one coaching?

A Coaching Session is one-on-one time with any conference speaker of your choice.  There will be sign-up sheets posted in The Saloon.  You may only have one session unless the conference director determines that everyone has had an opportunity to sign-up.


This is a great opportunity to ask experts in the field specific questions about your book, your story, your writing experience.  If you come to the conference needing help mining out a nugget that will advance your journey, or if you hear something in a talk that you want to know more about, then here is your opportunity.  A one-on-one coaching session could be the gold you are looking for.


Each session will last up to 25 minutes.

You must pay your coach up front with cash only.  Each session is $25.00

What do I do if I have dietary restrictions?

Requesting a special diet can be a stressful undertaking for conferees. Frontier Cove’s goal is to make the process of requesting a special diet as simple as possible and to relieve any fears or concerns you may have. A meal replacement option will be available at an additional charge of $75 for the whole conference to accommodate Wheat/Gluten, Egg, Dairy, and Soy allergies. This option can be made available by contacting allergy@newliferanch.com. In addition, there is a well stocked “all you can eat” salad bar that accompanies almost every meal.

What is your cancellation policy?

Sometimes life happens, and if it happens to happen to you, there are cancellation options available!

Cancellations before March 1, 2022 will receive a full refund minus a $50 administrative fee. Emergency cancellations after that date will be evaluated on an individual basis.

More Questions?

If you have questions that need answering, please feel free to contact us at admin@expwriting.com or fill out the form below! We are more than happy to help!

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