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>Release the Novel – Round 2

Release the Novel – Round 2

Do you have a story idea burning inside, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you just want to be a better writer and have fun in the process. In this camp you will start with an idea and leave with a plotted outline of your novel. You will learn the 4 elements every successful story needs, how to hook your reader by the end of the first page, common writing mistakes, mechanics of good writing, and more! How far you get in your novel is up to you and how fast you write!


About The Speaker

Gina Conroy

Growing up, Gina Conroy observed the world around her and didn’t feel it would welcome what she had to say. Standing silently on the sidelines, she watched others be self expressed and wished she had the courage to speak. When she discovered the comfort of the written word at a young age, that’s when she began to develop her voice. Later as she was published in nonfiction and fiction, she discovered the written word had the power to touch, stir, and reach from the depths of one soul to another. How could she keep that to herself? Since then, Gina has hosted writers conferences, presided over the local chapter of ACFW, and has even hosted a weekly podcast called Teen Writers Publish for teens of all ages. Although she’s lost count of her publishing credits over the decades, she hasn’t lost sight of why she continues to teach, speak, and coach: to inspire others to find their voice, be self-expressed and release the stories inside of them.

Sessions By Gina Conroy

Day 1 - Release the Novel


Day 2 - Gina's Brilliant Breakout 1


Day 2 - Release the Novel - Round 2


Day 3 - Release the Novel


Day 2 - Pick Our Brains


Day 2- Gina's Brilliant Breakout 2


Day 3 - Pick Their Brains


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