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Wire Festival

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>Pick Our Brains


Pick Our Brains

This will be your opportunity to ask a panel, comprised of the conference speakers, any question you may have concerning writing, or the business of writing. If your curiosity needs more, then you may want to sign up for a “Coaching Session” with one of the speakers. By hearing someone else’s question during the panel, you may discover some info concerning a topic you never even thought about before. You don’t want to miss this mining adventure.


About The Speakers

The Panel

Our top-notch team comes together to bring you the best of their thoughts and skill! They say two heads are better than one. We went with five. Just to cover all our bases.

Sessions By The Panel

Day 1 - The Box Lunch


Day 3 - Pick Their Brains


Day 2 - Pick Our Brains


Day 4 - Celebration


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