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>Sense Writing


Sense Writing

There is only one universal language, and it isn’t love. It’s smell. Also touch. Sight, as well as sound. Taste says a lot, too. Our senses are the common dialect of the world. We all know the stink of sewage, the pain of fire, and the beauty of a sunset. So, how can we create a living, breathing world that engages our reader’s senses in a way that intimately connects them to our writing? We do it by turning on our own senses in a way that may make it impossible to see the world or writing the same again. This interactive class will take your writing to a new level of engagement. Be prepared to be overwhelmed.


About The Speaker

Tara Lynn Thompson

Tara Lynn Thompson’s unconventional approach to writing combines the brilliance of simplicity and the delight of the unexpected. She is passionate about telling stories in a way that feels relatable, while satisfyingly unpredictable. Her words have been quoted in The Washington Times, Fox Business, AOL News, and others, while her distinctive advertising copy has been used in multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns, popular product packaging, entertaining speeches, and dynamic commercials, all of which have earned her numerous Addys, and an Emmy. She also works as an adjunct writing professor, private teacher, frequent speaker, and is the author of The Another Series trilogy. With more than 20 years of published writing, Tara Lynn has won numerous prestigious awards, which she hasn’t kept track of because “it isn’t even a little interesting,” she explains. With little prompting, however, she will tell you about that time Dean Koontz responded to her fan letter. “Now that’s a great story.”

Sessions By Tara Lynn

Day 1 - Sense Writing


Day 2 - Marketing Mastery


Day 3 - Pick Their Brains


Day 2 - Pick Our Brains


Day 2 - Rhythm Writing


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