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>The Spiritual Side of Writing


The Spiritual Side of Writing

Mark will send us off with an inspiring talk about why do we really write, and just who are we really writing for. He will share parts of his own journey, and transfer knowledge of how to keep going when you feel like quitting. You won’t want to miss this epic time that will cap off your writing experience.


About The Speaker

Mark Brady

Mark is a full time writer, blogger, and speaker. His first novel, “Kill the Preacher Man,” was just released. He contributed to a woman’s devotional, “Abba’s Heart,” coming out in June of 2022. His other works in progress include “Son, We Love You to Death,” a young adult’s novella, and “Ask, Flip, and Invite,” a non-fiction book. One of his first questions for God is this, “Did you have this much trouble getting your first book published?” He has posted a weekly blog for the last 8 years. He has watched as the blog has been read in 120 countries thus far, helping him accept and apply the great commission of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. He has also written magazine articles and devotions. He strives to be open and use his life situations and humor to teach Biblical principles.

Sessions By Mark Brady

Day 1 - The Box Lunch


Day 2 - Pick Our Brains


Day 3 - Pick Their Brains


Day 3 - Publishing


Day 3 - Bonfire: At the Fire, in the Fire, on Fire!


Day 1 - Keynote


Day 2 - Just Imagine


Day 3 - Social Media


Day 3 - Celebration


Day 4 - The Spiritual Side of Writing


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