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Sometimes we need a clear goal in life to get motivated to push through the conflict that opposes us. Funny thing is our characters need that, too! Learn how to craft compelling GMC’s (Goal, Motivation, Conflict) with Janice Buswell, so that your characters will have a reason to get up in the morning. And you will, too. 😉


About The Speaker

Janice Buswell

Janice Buswell is a multi-talented communicator, speaker, author, and blogger. Her passion for stories began when she discovered their God-given ability to unlock truth in the hearts of His people. In her "Paradoxon" series, the most beautiful characteristics of classical literature collide with the energy of the new in an altogether paradoxical journey that demonstrates the surprising truth of fiction.

Sessions By Janice Buswell

Day 1 - The Box Lunch


Day 2 - Pick Our Brains


Day 2 - Darken the Lines


Day 3 - Publishing


Day 1 - Keynote


Day 2 - What Is the Goal?


Day 3 - Pick Their Brains


Day 3 - Celebration


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