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Meet Our Team

Gina Conroy

Growing up, Gina Conroy observed the world around her and didn’t feel it would welcome what she had to say. Standing silently on the sidelines, she watched others be self expressed and wished she had the courage to speak. When she discovered the comfort of the written word at a young age, that’s when she began to develop her voice. Later as she was published in nonfiction and fiction, she discovered the written word had the power to touch, stir, and reach from the depths of one soul to another. How could she keep that to herself? Since then, Gina has hosted writers conferences, presided over the local chapter of ACFW, and has even hosted a weekly podcast called Teen Writers Publish for teens of all ages. Although she’s lost count of her publishing credits over the decades, she hasn’t lost sight of why she continues to teach, speak, and coach: to inspire others to find their voice, be self-expressed and release the stories inside of them.

Tara Lynn Thompson

Tara Lynn Thompson’s unconventional approach to writing combines the brilliance of simplicity and the delight of the unexpected. She is passionate about telling stories in a way that feels relatable, while satisfyingly unpredictable. Her words have been quoted in The Washington Times, Fox Business, AOL News, and others, while her distinctive advertising copy has been used in multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns, popular product packaging, entertaining speeches, and dynamic commercials, all of which have earned her numerous Addys, and an Emmy. She also works as an adjunct writing professor, private teacher, frequent speaker, and is the author of The Another Series trilogy. With more than 20 years of published writing, Tara Lynn has won numerous prestigious awards, which she hasn’t kept track of because “it isn’t even a little interesting,” she explains. With little prompting, however, she will tell you about that time Dean Koontz responded to her fan letter. “Now that’s a great story.”

Jared Buswell

Jared’s passion this season is to help others see their divine design and fulfill their unique calling in Christ. At Releasing Purpose, he runs transformational boot camps that instill clarity for long-term indomitability. Jared's writing includes blogs, case statements, and hundreds of pages of innovative leadership training curricula. He owns a photography technology business and served as the board chair of an African discipleship movement transforming war-affected communities.

Janice Buswell

Janice Buswell is a multi-talented communicator, speaker, author, and blogger. Her passion for stories began when she discovered their God-given ability to unlock truth in the hearts of His people. In her "Paradoxon" series, the most beautiful characteristics of classical literature collide with the energy of the new in an altogether paradoxical journey that demonstrates the surprising truth of fiction.

Mark Brady

Mark is a full time writer, blogger, and speaker. His first novel, “Kill the Preacher Man,” was just released. He contributed to a woman’s devotional, “Abba’s Heart,” coming out in June of 2022. His other works in progress include “Son, We Love You to Death,” a young adult’s novella, and “Ask, Flip, and Invite,” a non-fiction book. One of his first questions for God is this, “Did you have this much trouble getting your first book published?” He has posted a weekly blog for the last 8 years. He has watched as the blog has been read in 120 countries thus far, helping him accept and apply the great commission of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. He has also written magazine articles and devotions. He strives to be open and use his life situations and humor to teach Biblical principles.
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