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Welcome, Writer!

You are in the right place.  Do you have a story burning in your heart? Are you simply curious to try this writing thing out? Never fear. We’ve created a conference and community just for you. To help you discover your unique story and to get you unstuck in your writing journey…no matter where you have tripped up in the process.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been walking this road for years, we’ve got library of tools you can use, a family of professionals who love what they do, and a host of opportunities waiting to engage your talent and take it to the next level.

Together we will:

  • Connect to the heart of God. (The source of all creativity!)
  • Discover and grow your unique voice. (A gift only you can give!)
  • Engage in community with like-minded writers and pros. (To keep going and growing in your writing journey!)

We weren’t made to journey alone. So please…make yourself at home. We’re excited you’re with us! We hope you are, too.

Janice Buswell

Co-Founder of Experience Writing


Experience Writing 2024!!!

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What is Experience Writing?

Experience Writing is a conference and community designed to help you discover or recover your God-given story and get it into reader’s hands. We’re dedicated to connecting you to the people, opportunities, tools, and insights you need to capture and craft the story only you can tell.

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